Some of the star cars already entered include the ex-Tony Pond Metro 6R4 that took third on the RAC Rally 1985, the first Subaru 555 WRC spec car that Colin McRae drove on Monte Carlo 1997 and a Safari spec Subaru 555 WRC that McRae drove later that year. McRae’s team mate at Ford was Carlos Sainz, with one of his Martini Ford Focus WRC cars appearing too as it’s now 20 years since the pair were together at Ford. Harking back to his British Championship years, the larger but equally iconic Subaru Legacy in Rothmans colours will be there too evoking memories of the Welsh and the Manx.


Group B will be further represented with a rare Toyota Celica, a Renault 5 Turbo Tour de Corse space that hasn’t been seen for years and Tony Worswick’s Ferrari 308 that he drove in period that’s only one of eight ever to come from Maranello.

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